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In this masterclass you'll discover:

  • An undiscovered way of advertising that can literally double your revenue
  • How to find winning products to sellĀ 
  • How to advertise on Pinterest and don’t have to deal with blocks
  • The advertising strategy that we use to do millions on Pinterest
  • A mega valuable FREE bonus, absolutely free (sign up to find out what)!

Why use Pinterest?

Do you know the number one cause why successful entrepreneurs stop being successful overnight? It’s because they depend on one revenue stream. This is true not only for eCommerce, but for literally any business.

But especially for any entrepreneur who is now doing eCommerce and getting their customers mainly from one platform, this masterclass is very important.

I was in exactly the same situation and maybe you recognize this too:

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You’re doing tremendously well on Facebook or Google….

Your sales are going through the deck and you feel great!

You want to scale even further, but then….


Facebook or Google blocks your advertising account and all of a sudden all your sales are back to zero.

Immediately you experience a lot of stress and uncertainty.

How are you going to pay your team? And your bills?

If this doesn’t sound familiar to you, I have bad news: this is undoubtedly going to happen to you one day.

I was in the exact same situation so I decided to take action.

I started focusing on Pinterest ads which soon resulted in us getting tons per month EXTRA from Pinterest ads.

But most importantly, all the stress and anxiety of being dependent on only one platform was also immediately gone.

The power of Pinterest is huge!

Here you see a single campaign that has done over $280K with a total ROAS above 5!

In my masterclass I share the 3 secrets on how you can harness the power of Pinterest and have much lower ad costs, much less competition, no ad account blocks and incredibly high profit margins.

About Thomas & Joshua

Owners of Pinterest Mastery

Thomas and Joshua are successful entrepreneurs and are now known as the experts on Pinterest. From their laptop, they have set up several successful brands and managed to create the ultimate freedom for themselves in a short period of time.

Mindset and discipline have undoubtedly played a major role in the creation of multiple multi-million dollar businesses by these two driven entrepreneurs. In the last year they have specialized in marketing on Pinterest and today they share this knowledge with other entrepreneurs.