Pinterest Mastery

Not an affiliate yet? You can easily sign up to become an affiliate on this page.

How you can generate your link and view your sales!


Go to My account and click on Affiliate.

You will be directed to your affiliate-dashboard. This dashboard contains 3 tabs; reportsprofile and campaigns. We will discuss each of them below.



On this tab you will find an overview of the sales that you have generated. The form ‘Referrals‘ lets you see who bought our program using your link, you can see the commission you’ve earned on that sale and monitor the payout-status.


Every week we will deposit the commission, you can see the payout history in this tab. 



Note: the payouts are done with PayPal, you will need a PayPal-account to become an affiliate.



On the profile-tab you can customize your affiliate identifier. This is the part that is added to the slug, your personal link. You can change this to whatever comes to mind, or just your name. This part is added to the slug of your personal URL. 


The Refferal URL generator is not neccessary for now because we are working with campaigns. You can skip this part of the tab.


An important part of this tab, your PayPal-account. Put in your PayPal email address so we know on which account we have to deposit the commission.



On this tab you will find the campaigns that we have setup for affiliates. This makes it very simple for you to get your link and share it with anyone.

We have two campaigns; Pinterest Mastery and Pinterest Mastery Premium. These two campaigns have two different commissions, explained below:

Pinterest Mastery Kickoff

Price: €37,- (excl. VAT)

Commission: 99.99%

Pinterest Mastery Premium

Price: €750,- (excl. VAT)

Commission: 50%


By clicking on the campaign, a new window will open. This window contains your unique link. If you have edited your reference identifier, it should be visible on the end of your link. You can now copy this URL and share it with your network!

Do you have any further questions about being an affiliate? Check our FAQ below or

Contact us at


On every unique sale you generate, you will receive 99.99% commission. The price of the Pinterest Mastery program is €47,-. This means that you will receive €46.99 on every sale that you have generated. 

No, quite the opposite. You can sign up to be an affiliate, you don’t have to pay for anything. Pinterest Mastery will pay you for every person that signs up using your link.

When you sign up to be an affiliate, you can login to At this page you can find your personal affiliate link that you can share with everyone. Your link contains a cookie that will track rather the person buys our program or not. When a person buys our program using your link, it will show up in your dashboard and you will receive an email. 


When you’re logged in to ‘My account’ you can click on the ‘How To Affiliate’ tab where we explain more about this.

We pay out our affiliates every week.

We pay out only after the right of withdrawal has expired. After the 14-day right of withdrawal has expired and the customer has not cancelled his/her order, we will pay out the commission.

Please note: you must have a PayPal account to receive the commission. Unfortunately, we cannot pay out any commission without a PayPal account.

Yes, everyone can become an affiliate. 

NOTE: It’s not possible or allowed to use your own affiliate link to buy Pinterest Mastery. Any form or attempted fraud will result in permanent blocking and prosecution.